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Vinyl Cleaner Schallplattenwaschmaschine Audiodesksysteme Gläss GmbH und der CD Sound Improver, Plattenwaschmaschine, record cleaner , Ultraschall,. New VINYL CLEANER PRO – with preparation for 7-Single-Kit ! Vinyl Cleaner PRO record cleaner ultrasonic, glass vinyl cleaner , vinyl cleaner , audio desc. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This product can only be shipped to U.

Audio Desk Vinyl Record Cleaner – это не просто мойка для винила, это полностью автоматический аппарат для комплексной очистки виниловых пластинок с функцией ультразвуковой мойки. The first and only record cleaning machine that incorporates an ultrasonic cleaning cycle in addition to a. Audio Desk Systeme Record Cleaning Machine is the latest improved version of the original Vinyl Cleaner model. It has several improved mechanical parts, namely better drying process, improved drive motor, a pump with ceramic bearings and new electrical. There is no question, the Audio Desk is the best record cleaner we have ever seen.

Not only is it just dirt simple to use, but you will hear things in your vinyl you have never heard before along with far less noise. If you love vinyl , you need one of these! The new machine incorporates five years of evolutionary enhancements as well as key upgrades to .

Ultrasonics is an increasingly popular method of cleaning vinyl records. I had heard much about the ultrasonic methods of cleaning vinyl and was aware of some of the very expensive ultrasonic cleaners currently occupying the market such as . See more information on ultrasonic cleaning below . Review By Leonard Norwitz of Enjoy the Music. I wanted to relate my recent experiences dealing with the importer of the Audiodesk Ultrasonic vinyl cleaner (Ultrasystem). I received one of these units for review a little over three years ago and was impressed enough with the performance to purchase the review sample.

For three years, the unit was . I was intrigued by the idea of cleaning LPs with ultrasonic energy rather than with conventional bristles and a vacuum. In theory, ultrasonic cleaning can reach into groove modulations . Cleaning flui wipers and filter replacements also available. This seemingly too-good-to-be-true cleaner really does exist. This vinyl cleaning machine has new technology which makes it the most efficient and most effective LP cleaner on the market.

It uses ultrasonics to excite the cleaning liquid bath that loosens dirt in the grooves. In addition, microscopic bubbles are created at the groove surface that assist further in dislodging solid particles . Records are precious: Not only because they are excellent sound carriers. Even when great care is taken, in the long term it is inevitable that records get dirty. A gentle cleaning of the disc is particularly important to preserve its .