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Automation for all of your technology. Overcome the complexity and rapidly ship your infrastructure and apps anywhere with automation. Chef — система управления конфигурациями, написанная на Ruby ( клиентская часть) и Erlang (серверная часть), с использованием предметно- ориентированного языка для описания конфигураций.

Используется для упрощения задач настройки и поддержки множества серверов и может интегрироваться . Chef is both the name of a company and the name of a configuration management tool written in Ruby and Erlang.

It uses a pure-Ruby, domain- specific language (DSL) for writing system configuration recipes. The paid versions offer varying degrees of free trial and a range of features and support benefits. Here you can compare Chef. Jenkins and see their features compared contrastively to help you decide on which one is the superior product.

Furthermore, you can examine their overall ratings, including: overall score ( Chef . io : vs. Jenkins: ) and user satisfaction ( Chef. io : 1 vs. Jenkins: ) . Packages in stable are no longer available in current.

Additionally, periodically Chef will update the desired versions of chef components and check that in to master , triggering a new build with the updated. Chef is an automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code.

Chef allows its users to automate how they buil deploy, and manage their infrastructure. It depends on reusable definitions known as recipes to automate infrastructure tasks. Instructions for configuring . An overview of testing with Chef covering: Chef Compliance, Local Testing Chef Delivery Talk was given to. Welcome to Chef support!

Your ticket will be serviced based on the severity of your issue and your service tier. Otherwise, please check out the support articles below by category. Sponsorship Level: Bronze.

If you visit linuxacademy. Basic Chef Fluency Course, which will provide a hands-on . See how it works in less than minutes! The company also provides Enterprise Chef that automates user infrastructure that accelerates time to market, helps users to manage scale and complexity,. The objective was to dramatically improve the UX, integrate the Chef brand values and personality into the site experience and increase user registration and content consumption.

The project was concepte created and developed in less than days and increased new registered users by 7. Follow Us On Social Media. The chef-solo Packer provisioner installs and configures software on machines built by Packer using chef-solo.

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