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Smooth and inviting, this fragrance depicts tenderness with a combination of salty and sweet notes. Skin Clean — это аромат для мужчин и женщин, он принадлежит к группе цветочные древесно-мускусные. Композиция аромата включает ноты: Мускус, Кожа, Бобы тонка, Соль и Пралине.

Sometimes we could all use a warm embrace. Just one spritz of this discreet scent wraps you in the comfort of a well-deserved hug. I usually dislike all fragrances because they give me.

The skin is our largest sensory organ. An intimate embrace touches my soul. This fragrance captures the delicate scent of bare skin. Hints of dewy flower petals wrap around notes of pure creaminess and warm musk to evoke the simple scent of touchable skin. There are six new fragrances (Amber Saffron, Blonde Rose, Smoked Vetiver, Sueded Ou Terra Woods and Velvet Flora) plus new Reserve Blend editions of three older CLEAN fragrances – Rain, Skin and Warm Cotton.

CLEAN Reserve is a new collection of nine niche fragrances. CLEAN RESERVE PERFUME EDP MINI TRAVEL PURSE SPRAY 0. Clean Skin Perfume for Women Eau de Parfum Spray 2.

These days, mainstream and celebrity scents are starting to see their sales dropping, likely due to a critical mass issue – so many boring similar perfumes and simply not enough time or, in my case, inclination. CLEAN perfumes have been a mainstay in the discount market for years now, while still . Quick fun fact: the very first gift Mr. Beauty Junkies ever bought for me was a CLEAN scent! FREE Shipping on orders over $75.

Always Authentic and Original Brand Name Products. Reserve Skin Fragrance by Clean for Women and Men at Parfum1. Try these nine your- skin -but-better scents immediately. New from Le Labo: Bath and Body Collection.

Explore a new range of plant-based staples from the cult perfumer, in a range of luxe unisex scents. Clean Reserve Reserve Blend Rain Eau de Parfum. Find and save ideas about Clean perfume on Pinterest. See more ideas about Lovely.

Inspired by the feeling of a warm embrace and a loving touch. For the understated and quiet one whoto leave a mark, Reserve Blend Skin depicts the tenderness and soft intimacy of a warm embrace-a blended combination of comforting salty sweetness. Warm Cotton envelops you in the irresistible freshness of translucent florals and the soft feel of skin -loving musks for the ultimate feeling of luxurious comfort.

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The warm skin accord is created.