How to clean your phone

But just how filthy are our beloved mobile devices? Do you have any idea how many germs are crawling all over that thing? Related To: Cleaning How To. Once you hear the amount and types of bacteria, you might think twice about placing your next call without disinfecting first. One such kit is called the Dry-All First Aid Kit and is available from Amazon.

The Basics: Hypothermia01:14.

Effects of Dehydration00:47. Topol: Runaway Use of Radiation Harming Patients03:58. Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to keep your gadgets germ-free.

Check out a few of our . Your health will thank you. How does Super Cleaner help to improve your device performance? Junk Cleaner: Clean junk files. There are quite a few dos .

Clean My Android is the speed booster you need! These germs can include . Tempered glass is worth the cost and easy to care for with household items. Oh, it just has 10x more germs per square inch than a public toilet seat. How many times a day do you wash your hands? This article is about how do you clean your ram and make some space free so that your mobile runs without interruption.

Here are a few different methods you can try to clean out that stubborn headset jack with everyday tools. My HTC desire 8has been getting really dirty along the sides and I would really want to know how to clean it. Old files can take up space on your device like those musty boxes in your attic.

A petri dish in your pocket. The third hand you never wash. But, over time, the hybrid coating could show stains, chips, or cracks.

Their screens get dirty easily, and great care should be taken when cleaning them. Any shortcuts to find the ones that should get the hook first? This coating wears down over time naturally, but will especially wear down if you use any abrasive chemicals on it.

So the same principles that we use for cleaning the front of . Change the protector when necessary and wipe the screen to remove any remaining dust particles.

Screen protectors can also be useful to prevent your screen smashing if you . This example shows the process in Chrome. The steps are similar in other browsers. Press the Menu key at top right.