Leather master protection cream

Ideally this product will. Packaged in an easy to use sachet containing a high quality disposable cloth and just the right amount of protection cream to ensure a perfect job. The unique formulation . Provide superior protection against soiling.


This barrier protects your leather from oil, water and alcohol-based stains. Unprotected leather is highly absorbent. This water-based protection product works by placing an invisible, breathable barrier between you and your furniture. No product can provide 1. Our system is based on leather protection first, followed by a routine of cleaning and re-protection.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Het beste onderhoud voor uw leer. Mold that starts to grow from within.

We recommend fully cleaning and reprotecting your furniture 2-times per year. It protects leather against every day wear, perspiration and greasy skin marks. I learned the lesson the hard way by not applying it evenly. This is goo but you have to know how to use it. You must gently wipe excess to avoid having a streaky looking finish.

Protection Cream is not suitable for nubuck and suede. I thought they said their products contain no wax which is supposed to attract dirt ? I looked at the ingredients for the protection cream , and it says. Prevents stains from absorbing into the leather and becoming difficult to remove. Should be reapplied every six months on heavily used . A water-based protector for all leather except Nubuck.

It provides excellent protection against oil-water-alcohol based stains as well as everyday soiling. For use on Protected and Aniline Leather. Incredible shopping paradise! Buy case quantities and save even more!

Leather Master Products sold at discounte contractor prices.

Soft cleaning solution and protection cream that provide the ultimate in cleaning and protection for your leather upholstery. Jämför priser och läs recensioner på Städutrustning. Välkommen till PriceRunner! Vďaka impregnačnému účinku zabezpečí vynikajúcu ochranu proti masnote, bežnému .