Lilly’s eco clean laundry

Non-Bio Laundry Liquid Unscented with Organic Aloe Vera 1L. Why is there minimum orders? Pump Dispenser for 5l Canister, use for any 5l products for easier dispensing. Wonders Home Detox Set – Original.

All-Purpose Spray Cleaner Citrus Litre.

Most Popular Products In This Category. Please note that this is a refill product and does not come in the packaging shown. Orange Blossom and Chamomile Made in Dublin.

I found this good and with a good scrub of a toilet brush it gave my loo a good clean and the tea tree oil made it smell hygienic. Perfect for my toilet trained little one. When using the laundry liquid I fill the little ball that goes in the machine, so about a cup of liquid.

Strange Invisible Perfumes – Peloponnesian Eau de Parfum – this lucid composition is built with the ancient perfumes of the Greek peninsula.

Aegean winds glide through the branches of cypress, lime, and orange trees, lifting their epic aromas into the Peloponnesian mountains. A reception of mountain sage honey . Includes Organic Aloe Vera. How to use Pour the required measure as per the guideline . Each Litre container gives you up to 1washes! Directions: 35ml (Capfuls) – Normal Wash ml – Hand Wash 60ml – for Extra Softness Do not use undiluted directly on your laundry.

Are you using environmentally friendly cleaning products or have you ignored them in favour of cheaper alternatives? I must admit that when the housekeeping budget got tighter a couple of years ago, along with the named brand ketchup and cereals, most of the Ecover cleaning products were abandoned too. Available at Fresh Smithfield on Pointy. Our Washing Up Liquid is a triple concentrated formula, and our Non Bio Laundry liquids are also made to meet with demanding requirements for modern lifestyles.

We have achieved this with . I love all their products that I have tried but in. The Eco-Egg is a little egg filled with mineral pellets that you place in your washing machine instead of using laundry detergent. Website: lillysecoclean. Canal Walk Hume Avenue Park West Industrial Park Dublin 12.

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