Submergible Cleaner for Fish Farming Nets. Covering a wider range at Faster speeds , Cleaning a large fish Farming net in a short period. Clean fish farming nets easy , thorough and efficient.

This catamaran has been designed for the maintenance of fish -farm nets. The vessel is fitted with the MIC net-cleaning and inspection system. She has been designed to meet the Nordic Boat Standard and can comfortably accommodate crew overnight.

This vessel is the ideal platform for any offshore. It is like the oceans Land Cruiser with uniqe accessibility all around the net, even in strong currents and slack net. It also cleans very gently and. Bakke AS, – they make their way around the whole net, washes clean with little wear and have low operating costs.

Bakke AS has been working with net cleaning for many years on the Norwegian west coast and has tried out various solutions . Domestic Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U. International Shipping: This item is not eligible for international shipping. The Manta is designed to work with the forces of nature, not against them. It is developed in cooperation with people who have many years of practical experience with cleaning the nets in fish farming cages.

It has neutral buoyancy and indifferent stability. When placed in water with the thrusters shut down, it neither sinks . All paragraph references in this manual are from “Regulations about high pressure cleaning and more All who are working with or by net cleaners delivered from AKVA group and Idema have to read and understand these regulations and its contents before using the net cleaner. The Flying Net Cleaner is built with standard ROV components that are easy to clean and disinfect.

FNCalso has several built-in auto features and advanced camera systems and sensors for complete monitoring during the entire cleaning process. The process of cleaning a net in the water, requires a Remote Controlled Net Cleaner (RONC) managed by an operator on a boat. Initially working from the deck of a converted fishing boat, the firm spent two years researching and developing the concept of a dedicated vessel. The result is the Bravo II, . Advanced Underwater Cleaning Technology is huge step forward towards ensuring that the nets are kept clean within a short time.

The safety of the Diver is improved as cavitational jet is harmless when coming into contact with the body. The environment within the net and surrounding waters is improved . We are currently recruiting for the positions of Remote Operated Net Cleaner ( RONC). Net cleaner erases sensitive data from prying eyes. Working closely with the farm management and staff, you will ensure support to the sites is complete by keeping the boat and net cleaner working in a timely and safe manner.

The successful candidates will be . Yanmar Net Cleaner NZ King Salmon Testimonial.