Nikwax rug proof

Prolongs the life of gear and optimises performance in wet weather. FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Nikwax Synthetic Rug Proof revitalizes water repellency on dog and horse clothing.

This non-detergent waterproofing treatment revives breathability, maintains insulation and reduces the growth of mildew. Some animals, including .

A water based product kind to the environment and the user. Nikwax Rug Proof is a wash-in waterproofing for canvas and synthetic horse rugs. This product also improves the breathability of rugs in wet conditions. Re-enhance the lost breathability and waterproofing of your rugs with Nikwax Rug reproofer. Treat without a trick, . Your waterproof animal rugs and coats could be soaking up water just because they are dirty.

It leaves a flexible water repellent treatment on individual fibers allowing moisture vapor to pass through, maintaining breathability, while protecting your animal from getting wet in the rain. Maintains insulation, keeping your horse warm.

Easy to apply – can be . Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Nikwax rug proof is a wash-in waterproofing solution for all horse rugs. It is suitable for all canvas, synthetic and cotton, lined or unlined rugs and is recommended by Horseware.

Adds Durable Water Repellency and revitalises breathability and insulation of y. HORSEW-AMIGO 3-IN-ONE VAMOOSE. Wash-in waterproofing for all horse rugs. Adds water repellency and revives breathability.

Buy riding clothes, equestrian equipment and dog accessories online or in-store! Hööks is Scandinavias leading equestrian company, selling everything for riders. In wet or damp conditions your horse will get clammy, uncomfortable and cold if the breathability of their rug is impaired.

To keep your horse warm and dry, it is important to regularly clean and re- proof your animal rug or coat in order to maintain its water repellency and breathability. A durable water repellent coating (DWR) . Your animal is most likely to get clammy and uncomfortable in wet or damp conditions if the breathability of their waterproof rug or coat is impaired. Therefore, the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) on the outer fabric of your . Buy Nikwax Rug Wash for pet and horse rugs – shop the whole Nikwax range at Little Skiers.

For best use after cleaning with Nikwax Rug Wash. The wash in application treats all areas of the item, ensuring optimum comfort for your animal. Ideal for Gore-Tex and New Zealand rugs. The easy to use, safe, high performance wash-in waterproofing for all animal rugs and coats.

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