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We are proud to offer a great range of eco-friendly household cleaning products. You can keep your house sparkly clean while also protecting yourself, family members and the environment. The household products in this section are free from harmful , harsh chemicals which can irritate sensitive skin and further damage the . Kya deLongchamps picks her top eco-friendly products.

Researching with the power of the internet it would be easy to frighten yourself to death at the potential harm posed by every blessed petroleum-derived additive that goes into household cleaners.

Synthetic fragrances have created quite a stink in . Our Eco Friendly Cleaning products have been rigorously tested for there effectiveness and compliance to all EC regulations. Our products are non – toxic , . Malones extensive range of cleaning products are free from harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleaches, formaldehydes, phosphates, solvents and silicones. Supported by the Asthma Society of Ireland. Our aim is to provide Irish families with non toxic products that are mainly plastic free and ethically produced.

Only a couple of years ago, most rubbish was going to landfill, however in recent years there is now very little waste going to landfill in Ireland.

Vicki, who is also a swim instructor, said: “Normal cleaning products are so toxic we store them in locked cupboards, yet we take them out and spray them. To remove stubborn black limescale: sprinkle tbsp Oxygen bleach (a non – toxic alternative to bleach) into the bowl and leave for a minimum of two . Most or possibly all products have the Vegan Certified symbol – always check to be sure). Other cleaning products : Astonish. ECOS Earth Friendly Products.

Safe and effective cleaning products that contain no harmful chemicals and are kind to the environment. FreshWave – Odour Control. I liked their green ethos, that Lilly has tried and tested the products , that the company is Irish and was doing their best to survive and succeed in such a difficult economic time.

PROFESSIONAL ECO FRIENDLY CLEANING PRODUCTS IRELAND. Superb non – toxic professional carpet, upholstery, floor and all surface cleaning products and equipment. Tagged chemical free cleaning products , cleaning products , Cleaning products Dublin, eco friendly cleaning products , eco friendly detergents, eco friendly soap,. Tagged Amtico dresser, Amtico sealant, Cleaning products Dublin, Cleaning products Ireland , floor cleaner kitchen degreaser, Oven cleaner , . There are a number of key ingredients that you need to create your own green cleaning products. Baking soda is effective at removing stains and should be used as an all purpose non toxic cleaner.

Lime Juice, Can be used similar to lemon juice as a non toxic cleaning agent.

At Eco Hygiene we believe that your health is paramount and that is why we recommend the use of non – toxic cleaning liquids. Please explore our website to see examples of our work and product base and if you would like to have a question answered please contact us . Hygiene Ltd are national suppliers of quality hygiene and maintenance products. Please enter the site to view our product catalogue or to contact us. Easy-to-make Diatomaceous Earth non – toxic cleaning paste: Mix Food Grade DE with water and a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice to a creamy consistency.

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