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Jump to: navigation, search. The limit on combinations is a limit that exists only in your creativity (and the game engine). Be sure to be careful though, mixing the wrong chemicals can be bad for your health and please make sure . If overdosed it will deal significant Brain and Toxin damage. If addicted too it will begin to deal fatal amounts of Brute damage as the subjects skin falls off.

Janitor Кеш Схожі Перекласти цю сторінку черв.

Spray people with space cleaner if they are covered in blood around their head and chest (but not if they have bloody gloves). Перекласти цю сторінку груд. Space_cleanerredirect. Страница-перенаправление.

Вы не можете перезаписать этот файл. Comes filled with a mixture of water and space cleaner. Wet floor signs: Put these down after you mop a busy intersection and simply point to them and sigh after people slip on wet floors.

Mopping without putting down wet floor signs is general regarded as an open invitation for the crew to space your mop . Useful as a weapon against wraiths and as an easy poison.

POTENCY, of -CROPSIZE, Fertilizer. Mop, Mop Bucket, and Wet Floor Signs: Standard cleaning duty equipment. The mop bucket must be pulled behind you, and you have a spare mop in case your first goes missing. Water Tank and Bucket: Used to fill the mop bucket with water.

Уборщик будет рад тому, что вы ему его дадите. Equipment Your home, the Custodial Closet, begins with a wealth of equipment to start cleaning up space. In the boring, menial sense, not the Judge Dredd badass space -cop sense. The road is long, har and filled with accidental reactions.

But with the aid of chems, a doctor can save critical patients and patch up even the most severe wounds, and even the most unrobust assassin can wreak havoc. This guide will primarily be useful for chemists, but is . Janitors have space cleaner nades, and chemists can make anything from healing smoke grenades to LSD bombs. In this tutorial, we go over the big bad ass of the station. If you fuck with the janitor , prepare to get some space. Overdose Effects: Toxins.

Notes: Sterilizine works on contact, it is not for injecting or ingesting. Does NOT sterilize wounds. Clearing germ level can also be done by showering, washing your hands, or spraying with space cleaner.

SSTutorial – Cargo Technician.