Textile protection spray

Easy to apply to all desired areas, it is formulated of a fluoride resin that . Tarrago-Nano-Protector-Leather. When the Nano Protector impregnation has been applie;the individual fibres are covered by NANO elements,;and the fibres . Images for textile protection spray More images for textile protection spray Report images Thank you for the feedback. Report another image Please report the offensive image.

Nanotechnology Hydrophobic Spray.

TDye67mHQrw Similar May Uploaded by Hughco Group Where to buy? It is a durable coating that bonds with the surface and contains the highest protective properties. Items fresh look will remain for long time. Covered with this product, surface stays clean for a long time: coffee,grease, water stains do not soak into the Nano-protected surface, they are easy to clean using cloth. The surface becomes resistant to liquids an at the same time, remains air – permeable.

Allow to air dry naturally. For high use areas, such as . Provides water, dirt and oil repellent surface, let repelled water.

Apply on clean and dry textiles. I am so glad that we were not limited by the selection of fabric because I knew that what ever fabric we chose could be sprayed with Scotch-Guard Spray. We created a beautiful seating banquette for our kitchen and thanks to Scotchguard Fabric and Upholstery Protector , it has stayed beautiful! Definitely recommend this!

Clean auto with CleverCOAT for textile. I was sceptical at first, . Hydrophobic water based spray CleverCOAT for textile is designed for safe water repelling car interior upholstery against moisture. Protection car seat (1) with hydrophobic water. Provides a flexible water and dirt repellent surface for exterior fabrics.

Spray Control Textile is a customised fibreglass fabric with a layer of Teflon, PVC, Polythene or Polypropylene. For use on boat covers, sprayhoods , sails, tarpaulins and other cotton and nylon materials. Avel Special Textile Protector Spray – Oz.

It is also practical to use and ensures quick and. On average, the 2ml spray is sufficient for maintaining the protection of sofa seats after cleaning or de- staining. TEXTILE-PROTECT-Liquid-Stain. Coverage: 500ml of Textile Protect covers up to 5mSuitable for all types of textile fabrics.

We are still trying to figure out what Textile Protect. Water and dirt will not adhere to the fibres .

Tetramass has developed specialist coatings to improve the durability and longevity of delicate and fine silk fabrics. Its function is to produce a fine uniform spray at low operating pressure without clogging. Where water is scarce or insufficient for fire protection , a spray pond offers a good source of supply. It is customary to connect the fire pumps direct with the pond.

It provides excellent repellency to stains. DIRECTIONS: Be sure the textile is clean. Lightly apply solution to textile surface, 6-inches away from fabric surface.