Cap cleaner

In three seconds, artists can quickly and conveniently remove paint residue from caps, brushes and other applicators. Liquitex Cap Cleaner is a must-have for any spray paint artist. Just like artist brushes, spray caps need to be cared for in order to perform to their highest potential.

Working in just a few seconds, the Cap Cleaner will aid in preventing . Montana ACETONE spray is a universal thinner and cleaning agent that is transparent in color.

Suitable for pre-treatment before painting objects or to remove paint residues after painting. Can be used on porcelain, glass, ceramics, blank metals and others. After first dipping the hat in the water of your bucket or sink, use a toothbrush or other small scrubber to rub the cleaner into the fabric.

Crystal Cap Cleaners is the preferred choice for World Wide auto manufactures when looking for the most efficient cleaning solution for robotic painting systems. With easy installation and minimal maintenance the Crystal Cap Cleaning system uses less flui shortens cycle times and eliminates contamination on any robot . No artist can work without suitable tools. In the overview you will see the tools that have been developed for you.


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Restore your Cap safely, this washing frame gets them clean while still keeping their shape! Traditionally in the aerosol art community, it has been used for years as a cap cleaner enabling users to remove paint residue from spray nozzles, bringing them back to their original state to produce clean lines. Glass Bong and Pipe Cleaning Kit.

The cap cleaner is a cleaning agent for all caps, especially New Era wool caps. It can also remove dirt, sweat stains and etc. MTN ACETONE spray also known as CAP CLEANER is a universal thinner and cleaning agent that is transparent in color. Prevent clogging, reduce waste, and extend the life of your spray paint nozzles with Liquitex Professional Spray Cap Cleaner. EXTEND YOUR CAP LIFE WITH LIQUITEX CAP CLEANERLiquitex Aerosol Cap Cleaner is a must-have for any spray paint artist.

Large 400ml Monster cap cleaner. The Montana GOLD TECH Series provides technical sprays like varnish gloss and matt, acetone ( cap cleaner ), universal (plastic primer) as well as a styrofoam primer. The GOLD TECH Series is the perfect completion for the GOLD range.

Montana Gold is the Artists’ choice for spray paint.

Use the primers for pre. It reduces fogging on windows and mirrors with repeated use, leaving an attractive shine. Cleans (but may not protect) other surfaces. Not for direct food contact surfaces, . Can also be used to pre-treat objects before painting, or to remo.

Montana Acetone spray is perfect for cleaning any Montana spray caps.