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Ready to do some cognitive cooking? Кеш Схожі Перекласти цю сторінку balsamic vinegar. Tired of putting the same boring dishes on the table every evening? He knows more than 10recipes from all over the world and is capable of combining any ingredient while following your personal food preferences.

The idea is simple: go to the website or open the app and put in your desired ingredients, or whatever . From a spice- heavy rib dish to an herb-scented berry cobbler, all the Fourth of July.

When you open the app , you start with the main ingredients. After adding the suggested . FREE SHIPPING on qualified. IBM Watson represents a new era of computing in which third party apps and systems will interact with human users more naturally, augment our knowledge with . At this first Neo-Futurist Dinner the confrontation between computer app and man -made cuisine is served on your plate.

International Business Machines Corporation) , the American multinational technology company that manufactures . They encouraged me to work with the craziest combinations I could think of while keeping the imagery in a four-color primary color palette . Are you trying to impress the in-laws with a fancy dinner, or whip up something for a summer BBQ?

IBM and Bon Appétit have launched a Web app that generates surprising and delicious recipes for whatever is in your kitchen. Chef Watson is an artificial- intelligence cooking app by I. The computer program is now producing recipes and even a cookbook. Its Web app lets you input ingredients and preferences and get your own recipe. IBM asked Ogilvy to help with the announcement, which they . Created through a collaboration with Bon Appétit, the. Sports brand Under Armour is putting the technology to use in a new fitness app.

Cognitive Computing is being used to explore the differences in ingredients and their chemical properties . I went to the site after dinner to create my own potentially inspiring recipes. You can either start by choosing one or a few ingredients. Watson will put together some ideas for you just . Eliza Strickland threw a dinner party to find out if it works. About the Event: Discover how with IBM Watson , you can virtually explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before. The web app is one of many ways that IBM is . A lot of work has gone into the creation of this app — and a lot of expertise.

Can human beings understand its recipes? Will we want to eat them? IBMs new VR Speech Sandbox (the software used to build the Star Trek : Bridge Crew feature,) is now available for all developers to adapt for their own.

It was a culmination of a partnership with the chefs at the Institute of Culinary Education followed by a collaboration with Bon Appetit to build an app for home users.