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Кеш Схожі Перекласти цю сторінку Browse Hong Kong free classifieds online. From home furnishings to consumer electronics, AsiaXPAT features an extensive range of classifieds. While many companies make their managers locate in one or the other city — often depending on whether their duties focus more on Southeast Asia, or on China — others give top . The Expat Arrivals Guide To Hong Kong offers detailed advice for expats living in or moving to Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong expat guide also includes information on working, doing business, culture shock and more.

Are you new to Hong Kong ? Find out more about jobs, housing, events and moving to Hong Kong. Get advice about the life in Hong Kong from other expats in our forum and local events. Adam Michael Toctan, managing director of MCG Associates in Hong Kong , uncovers the realities of relocating to Hong Kong. For foreigners seeking new horizons, Hong Kong boasts numerous attractions.

Living in Hong Kong as an expat can be a truly life-changing experience. A former British colony, Hong Kong has always been popular with expats from Europe. In recent years low taxation and a high standard of living have attracted people from all over the world and its position as the finance capital of Asia means that it .

Expat Life In Hong Kong : info and advice for expats living in Hong Kong. Getting a job in Hong Kong , where to live, events, schools and nurseries, classifieds and the popular forum. Simply put – it is an expats group hosting interesting events to see Hong Kong , make friends, apprecate art, and enjoy life. Events could be paid or free, hosted or non-hoste as long as they are int.

Кеш Перекласти цю сторінку черв. Hong Kong is known for great foo buzzing nightlife, inspiring attractions, and for having one of the largest expat communities in Asia. Your expat guide to moving to, living and working in Hong Kong. Expat Lucy Jackson, head of Asian travel for lifestyle group Quintessentially, talks about why she loves living in work har play hard Hong Kong.

My life as an expat living in Hong Kong. Specialist of healthcare for expats in Hong Kong : International health insurance for expatriates anywhere in the world. A large mega-index of tips, tricks, life-hacks and links for foreigners living in HK. For those seeking new challenges abroa Hong Kong has long been a popular expat destination.

While the recent economic downturn and increasing numbers of well-qualified local graduates has led to a more competitive job market, the number of expats working in Hong Kong remains high. A British woman known as QT, who spent years in Hong Kong courts fighting for dependant visa rights for her female partner, has finally won her case. Interview with Jude Bailey and Mindy Tagliente from Events for Life.

Ms Lanyon says: “As an expat spouse, you were just expected to take up flower arranging, but I was always pretty ambitious.

The court of appeal in Hong Kong today (Sept. 25) ruled that QT would now receive the same spousal benefits that heterosexual couples are entitle . The role will be supporting expatriate lawyers under the Funds Team. A well-established international law firm with professional and .