Ліоцелл ( Lyocell ) — текстильне волокно, що отримується хімічним шляхом з целюлози. Формування волокна ліоцелл засноване на процесі прямого розчинення . Лиоце́лл ( Lyocell ) — текстильное волокно, получаемое химическим путём из целлюлозы. Формование волокна лиоцелл основано на процессе . Lyocell is a form of rayon which consists of cellulose fibre made from dissolving pulp (bleached wood pulp) using dry jet-wet spinning.

This development was recognised by the American Association of . Lyocell Fabric What is Lyocell FabricLyocell fabric is an amazing eco friendly fabric that represents a milestone in the development of environmentally. Lyocell is a manmade fiber derived from cellulose, better known in the United States under the brand name Tencel. Though it is related to rayon, another cellulosic fabric, lyocell is created by a solvent spinning technique, and the cellulose undergoes no significant chemical change.

It is an extremely strong fabric with . The solution is extruded through fine holes to produce fiber and the solvent is recycled in a closed-loop process – more than of the solvent is recovered and reused. The manufacturing process is gentle on the environment and as much as possible is .

A regenerated cellulose fiber made from wood pulp, Lyocell fibers and fabrics . Tencel is the registered trademark for lyocell , which is an artificial fibre based on pulp. The raw material for Tencel is FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) eucalyptus tree. Read more about sleeping with bamboo here. You can shop deliciously soft Bamboo Lyocell now! We think that good sleep should be shared.

Non-degradable fibres: such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, polytetraflouroethylene ( PTFE), . Created by Austrian textile giant Lenzing, Tencel is actually a branded version of a similar fiber, lyocell. Think Kleenex versus facial tissue. Still considered a synthetic fiber, Tencel actually falls somewhere in the middle, Adheer Bahulkar, a partner at global retail-consulting firm A. Technically, a fabric must contain at least of these proprietary fibers in order to use the name Tencel, but the term has become more commonly used than lyocell for similar products from all sources.

They are of botanic origin, since they are extracted from the raw material wood. Fiber production itself is extremely ecofriendly, due to the closed loop system. Rayon is a popular fabric but it can take special care.

Learn how to care for rayon , modal, lyocell , and viscose clothes and remove stains.

Visit us for a range of synthetic duvets at low prices. Find duvets and comforters with lots of warmth ratings and high, medium and low pillows. Check out our range of quality and comfortable lyocell and modal quilts and quilts at low prices. Find quilts with lots of different warmth ratings. The name “Tencel” has gained popular acceptance but the fabrics that are popularly called “Tencel” are actually lyocell.

We will use the proper generic name lyocell.