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Restaurants are businesses and to thrive, a chef must know how to run one properly. Here are tips for success. Everyone knows home cooking is healthier than eating out. But how do you make a homemade meal as simple as ordering your favorite dish at a restaurant?

Here, famed cooks and food pros from Emeril Lagasse to Nigella Lawson share their quick tips for the home cook.

Try these ideas in your kitchen . Tips to Think Like a Chef. Follow these short-order steps to make healthy meals easy. From freezing peas to pickling everything, the sharpest cooking tips from of the restaurant chefs who rocked the Edible Schoolyard NYC spring benefit.

To do this, chefs have many go-to tricks. Below is a list of some of their secrets that will benefit any home cook. This might be the most important tip of all.

Mise en place is French for everything in place.

What it means to a chef ? Before you cook, have everything measure peele . These chef -approved tips will instantly make you a better cook. Watch chef interviews and cooking videos while discovering some of the best chef tips and techniques. I can usually tell if someone is going to make it in the industry after a couple of minutes with them. So, in order to speed up the process, I thought I would jot down a couple of tidbits that can help a young chef.

Find the latest food news and trends, quick recipes, and celebrity chef ideas that will help you cook smarter, faster and healthier on TODAY. From simple baking tips to advanced cooking tips , the GHI has interviewed all your favourite celebrity chefs to get their kitchen secrets. For triple-tested recipes visit Goodhousekeeping. Either way, these tips and tricks from chefs and food pros can help you spend less time slaving over a stove and more time enjoying the foods of your labor. Expresso brings you tips from our expert Chef to make you a culinary master.

Chilli lover and El Publico head chef Tommy Payne shares the must-have ingredients, spices and kitchen utensils to cook mighty Mexican at home. After serving Spanish eats in Melbourne for more than a decade, Bar Lourinhã chef and owner Matt McConnell shares top cooking tips for those playing at home. Chef Wars is a massive open-world RPG with many things to discover. Feeling a little overwhelmed? These tips will provide a recipe for success.

Skip the stress and leave it to the pros.

Thanksgiving holiday chef tips. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help improve your heart health. We sat down with Martin Senders, the Philips Chef , and asked him for some guidance on preparing and eating healthier food. As a chef , what is your advice to people wanting to start preparing and eating healthier food?

Ever need a pastry bag, or cone for decorating a cake? Julie shows you how to fold one using parchment paper that you can make to any size you need. Ever have half of an avocado left over?

Want to keep it from turning brown in the. Stephen Higgins, Executive Chef and Director of Purchasing. Combining his own creativity with input from his team of chefs , Steve is . Also learn a new technique for creating a two tone bloom.